Three Most Valuable Antiques

In your house, right now, there are three categories of objects that are the most valuable. Yes, that’s right, these items are in your house right this minute and when it comes to identifying the valuables, these are the items that sell. Those adult children of yours who don’t want any of your stuff need to remember these three items. If you are shopping at an auction, yard sale or antique shop, it also applies. These items are always worth money…


1. Fine Art

Jack Savitsky

That is paintings and sculptures and any other original works of art. I don’t care if it’s not signed or not by a known artist, if its original, it’s worth money. See my list of articles and tips on identifying art and artists.


2. Furniture

Eastlake chair

Even if it is Aunt Millie’s old and ugly French Provincial sofa, it has value. Antique and vintage furniture is made better than the stuff that is mass produced today. Younger generations want 1960s furniture made popular by today’s TV shows. View my list of tips and articles on identifying furniture





3. Jewelry


That’s right, the bling holds its value long term–gold, silver, gemstones, etc. And so do precious metals like silver tea services and flatware. So, if your cousin wants your grandma’s brooch, fight her for it. View my list of tips and articles on identifying types of jewelry.

Don’t forget that other antiques and collectibles also have value even if they don’t fit into one of these categories. But, the top three are fine art, furniture and jewelry. Contact us for free appraisals by sending photos to [email protected] Be sure to include your phone number.

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