Equitable Distribution Appraisals

Equitable Distribution Appraisals, which are based on fair market value, are often used for distributing property in divorce settlements. These appraisals can also serve clients wishing to distribute antiques and family heirlooms among their children or to distribute items to beneficiaries of an estate.

Appraisals are a necessity in today’s complex and complicated world.


Situations that an Equitable Distribution Appraisal is necessary:

  • verifying values for scheduling replacement or loss for insurance
  • valuing for property settlement due to divorce
  • settling estates for taxes, equitable distribution, or liquidation
  • documenting donations for charities and IRS verification
  • documenting support for trusts with a comprehensive inventory appraisal added to the trust
  • if you would like to add a gift into a trust or will


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